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NEST Designs, a Black Hills Home & Interior Design Company, is dedicated to helping you create the living and working spaces of your dreams. Our professional team of home designers, interior designers and home remodelers are leading the way in custom home designs throughout the Black Hills region and beyond. Whether you are looking to design a custom home, remodeling a kitchen or bathroom or looking for an interior designer to help you reimagine a space, we’ve got you covered. NEST Designs also offers a beautiful line of home furnishings and décor, to help you add to your existing space.

Design and home renovations is our passion. We turn dreams into realities to create beautifully designed residential and commercial spaces. Our founder Bobbi Buxbaum is also a master artist at creating custom paint finishes. Using 3-Dimensional design technologies and an experienced team of home designers, interior designers and remodelers, we will guide you through the entire design process. Whether you are looking for a designer to consult with on a remodel of your existing home or business, or looking to begin your new construction project, NEST Designs is committed to helping you Feather Your Nest.

Bobbi Buxbaum of NEST Designs

Bobbi Buxbaum of NEST Designs

About Bobbi and nest designs

Designer Bobbi Buxbaum was born in Valentine, Nebraska and grew up on the Nebraska/South Dakota border. A true ranching girl, she graduated from Western Dakota Tech in Rapid City and trained as a veterinary assistant. Bobbi later became an elected official, serving the community for sixteen years. During that time she held board positions with the North Dakota Treasurer’s Association, the ND Clerk of Court and ND Recorders Associations. She also served as the chair person for the Legislative Committee and worked as a lobbyist for 2 years.

During those years, Bobbi won several awards and achievements including a commendation for Excellence in County Government. She also went back to school, graduating with a Bachelor in Business at Dickinson State University, all while raising a family. After graduation, she worked as a consultant in the Oil & Gas industry and built a virtual courthouse database system for eight counties in North Dakota and Montana. Along the way, she also began to create an impressive portfolio of design projects.

Her love for design started in childhood. While her parents were playing cards with friends, Bobbi would remake the rooms of the homes she visited! As an adult, she discovered a natural talent and gift at re-purposing living spaces for herself, friends and family. Over the years, friends grew to rely upon her instincts and abilities and, by 2012, she had developed a following of loyal fans. That year, she was contacted by a client who hired Bobbi to design their new multi-million dollar home. Turning the reigns over to Bobbi, she helped her clients build the home of their dreams.

Bobbi has now expanded NEST Designs into the Black Hills region, where she is bringing her talents, her attention to detail and her pioneering spirit to the art of Design.

From million dollar homes to startup office spaces, Bobbi Buxbaum and NEST Designs are incorporating the region’s most beautiful natural elements into our living, work and commercial spaces. Bobbi is known for her unique wall textures and applications, as well as her passion for interior design. Equal parts counselor, nanny and negotiator – Bobbi is a fearless advocate for all of her clients. Her independent vision allows her to work with several contractors, selecting the best craftspeople for her clients, without being tied to one company, brand or builder. Her custom finishes are unique, inspiring and based upon the vision and design aesthetic of her client.

A member of the Black Hills Homebuilder’s Association, NEST Designs creates useful meaning of space for individual needs and styles, carrying that through the home or business while adding unique elements of character and color.

Designing and creating has always been my passion and I have been gifted with an imagination that can take one look at a room, a house or floor plans and create ideas for my customers.
— Bobbi Buxbaum, NEST Designs

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